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Welcome to Alex's San Jacinto College NWN LAN campaign. I am currently looking for more people who would like to join our Saturday game. I you have a laptop and copy of NWN drop on by and join our DnD campaign. We meet every Saturday at the San Jacinto Central Campus around 5pm to whatever time. The game is basically DnD on the computer. If you are interested in joining drop me a line.

What do you need to play?

A computer or laptop with a copy of Neverwinter Nights and both expansions installed. If you do not have Neverwinter Nights you can pick up a copy of Neverwinter Nights Diamond Edition for 20 ducks.

We meet at San Jacinto College Central on Saturdays at 5 pm. Please drop me a line if you would like to join.


Baldurís Gate

This port city is both shelter and lifeline for the folk of the Coast. It is the only place to buy many luxury goods and offers the discerning shopper the widest selection of goods anywhere in the Sword Coast region though usually at prices higher than those in Waterdeep or coastal Amn. Baldurís Gate is a tolerant but well policed city of merchants, and quiet business as usual is the general order of each day. Baldurs Gate, Berdusk, Neverwinter, and Silverymoon are probably the safest settlements in all western Faerun. In Baldurís Gate, the watch wears distinctive black helms with a vertical red stripe on either side, if you have problems. Not only are the members of the watch vigilant, enthusiastic, wise, and observant, but the Flaming Fist Mercenary Company, over a thousand strong, is based in the city. Every tenth person or so is a member or a watch agent (well, spy) of the Fist, skilled in battle and within a breath or two of numerous armed allies.

The visitor can freely stroll and shop. If you canít carry all you buy, or need help to find your way, guides and porters can be hired at most street corners. These husky youths are known as lamp boys or lamp lasses because they carry lanterns at night to light the way for their patrons.


Icewind Dale  
(The Ten Towns)

The land north of the Spine of the World that has not yet been covered by the Reghed Glacier is known as the Icewind Dale.

The origin of the name is obvious: This region is frequently lashed by howling storms that can flatten buildings and scour shrubs from rock crests. Anything that canít lie down will be smashed or frozen by the winds, and anything that can lie down will be buried by the driven snow. This wild, barren, barbarian infested region is visited by white dragons, crag cats, and occasionally even glacier remorhaz. There is no sane reason for civilized folk to come here.

The Ten Towns cluster about three lakes: Maer Dualdon, Lac Dinneshere, and Redwaters. These are the only known homes of the knucklehead trout, fish whose fist-sized heads and spiny body bones are akin to fine ivory in hue and appearance. Even in summer, the lake waters are icy enough to kill anyone in the space of a few breaths. Greed brings the roughest rogues to this frozen land it is not a safe place for the idle traveler. The only real exceptions are the longrunners, folk who roam for food and bring firewood from the distant northern flanks of the Spine of the World.

I will be adding another 100 new areas including more buildings which have been lacking in the game. There will be more underdark areas that will stretch for miles and miles. A couple of new surface areas will be added but I will mainly be adding underdark and buildings to the game. I should have the new areas in place by the end of the month.

Don't forgot that components are needed to cast certain spells.
100 new areas are up and running, I've been working on a lot of Icewind Dale areas this last month so hope you like some of the new lands. Most of the new places are set in the Icewind Dales but I created around half of the 100 maps for areas scattered around the rest of the realms.

For the next month I will be working on adding more areas to the lands around Baldur's Gate. I will be adding around 50 areas to the Baldur's Gate and the rest will be scattered across the rest of Faerun.

I have fixed a couple of issues with the time not working properly and some areas not showing up correctly. If you are new to the campaign I have made most of the roads in the campaign low level areas for easier travel. The Icewind Dales are the exception. There are a lot of side areas that can be explored and the further you travel from the main roads the harder the encounters will get.

A couple of screenshots of some of the new areas.

Old Screens

Icewind Dale is open for business. You can now travel to the harsh and dangerous lands of Icewind Dales.

The Icewind Dales is a very dangerous place. Everything from polar bears to Frost Gaints are running around up there so might want to be careful traveling from city to city. There's plenty of areas to explore up there so having friend or 2 to watch your back would be advisable.Also the walk from Bryn Shander to the south lands is a very long trek. Probably want to use the boats to travel back to Port Llast from Targos. Of course you will be missing out on a lot of goodies but if you don't wanna hoof it, use the boat.

Don't you just hate running all over the Realms? So do I, that's why I've implemented the ships to help you get around. 

You can now travel to Baldur's Gate, Port Llast, and Targos via ships. From Waterdeep you can board a ship that will take you to Port Llast and Baldur's Gate. From Port Llast you can board a ship that will take you to Targos. The Icewind Dale areas still need more work but you can travel from Targos all the way down to Baldur's Gate if you want to. Of course this is going to be a very long and dangerous journey but it can be done.

I also added more levels to the Undermountain.
And now for my next trick. The first lvl of the Undermountain is up. I'll be updating all the levels in the following weeks but for now you can do a bit of dungeon crawling in the Undermountain. You'll need to buy a token from Durnan to get into the Undermountain. It also cost 1 gold to leave the Undermountain to make sure you have some spare change if you want to make it back up..

Feeling all alone in  this great big world? Well why don't you have Deekin , our reptilian little buddy, travel along with you? Deekin can be found in The Yawning Portal which is in the SE section of Castle Ward.

Inside 1 of 100 underground maps that you will see.

In case you're wondering if there is any role-playing, yes and no. When I log into a game, I wanna get into the story and action right away. I don't want 2 hours worth of dialog to have some fun. This is pretty much the way my campaign is going to be run. 

The adventures are going to be posted here on the site so if you find a posting for a treasure that was lost in the Lizard Marshes, all you'll have to do is log in and start booking to the Lizard Marsh. The maps are there to give you an idea where you want to go. Just grab your teammates and start exploring the world.  Or for example you find a posting to kill an Orc chieftain you might or might not have to spend some time talking to an npc to get some basic information on where he is. Some things you'll want to converse with the npc about like what's the chieftain's name, where was he last seen, what is area like, or whatever info you as the player will want to know in order to be prepared for the mission.

I love spooky forgotten caves and dungeons, mostly cavern settings. There's going to be a lot of places to explore in my campaign. It's going to be a local vault game but there are no class restrictions so if you find a +3 dagger, you'll be able to use it. I mean what's the use of exploration if not to use the goodies you find, right?

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