Ardeep Forest

Until recently, this ancient forest, a remnant of the woods that once covered the North from the river Delimbiyr to the mountains of the Utter North, was the home of the moon elves. This ancient race of elvenkind lived in harmony with men and dwarves in a kingdom that stretched to the east of the forest, in what is now rolling moorlands known as the High Moors. Even before the times of the Fallen Kingdom, this was part of the vast forest that was elven Illefarn.

The forest is forlorn and largely empty. The elves have left the forest of tail blueleaf, duskwood, and weirwood trees unattended. This region was known as .Faraway Forest. to the elves because, although it was near the coast of Faerūn, it was still far away from what the elves considered home: the island of Evermeet.

Somewhere deep in this forest is the overgrown tomb of Reluraun, a warrior-hero of the elves, who lies in a vault clad in elven chain mail, with a dragon slayer sword +2 on his breast. According to legend, the tomb is not unattended; magical creatures guard Reluraun.s remains. .Ardeep. was the name of the western region of the Fallen Kingdom and now gives this forest its name.

A manicured clearing in the forest surrounded by unusually tall and thick-trunk elms is a relic of Illefarn. The refreshing glade radiates constant protection from evil, and it's always spring here, regardless of the season. Cure disease spells cast here always cure lycanthrope, regardless of the level of the priest. Elves feel an incredible, restful aura of peace here, and other races can vaguely sense the clearing's calmness. Nonmagical wood brought into the glade comes alive and magically begins to sprout leaves and roots.


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