Ten Towns

Population: 6,500

Government: A council spokesman, one from each town In general the smaller towns follow the lead of Bryn Shander and Targos. Cassius, spokesman of the Ten Towns, is the accepted leader. The Ten Towns of Icewind Dale, home to a multitude of men and women with .checkered . pasts, are truly on the cutting edge of adventure, in the farthest (and coldest!) reaches of the Savage Frontier. Built up around three lakes, Maer Dualdon, Lac Dinneshere and Redwaters, the Ten Towns are relatively young, founded less than 30 years ago by exiles and renegades from southern lands. In the past five years, the towns have survived two major attacks, the first from tundra barbarians and the second from the forces of Akar Kessell, a mad wizard under the power of the evil artifact Crenshinbon, the Crystal Shard. The second attack destroyed and depopulated two of the towns. They were reconstructed and are now occupied by .civilized. tundra barbarians.

The towns, Bryn Shander, Targos, Bremen, Termalaine, Caer-Konig, Caer-Dineval, Easthaven, Good Mead, Dougan.s Hole, and Lonelywood, are all fiercely independent and fiercely competitive with one another, particularly with towns that share the same lake. Fighting between rival ships is not uncommon. If one needs a place to hide, the Ten Towns may be the last place anyone will come to look... or the first.

Economy: Fishing provides primary sustenance, supplemented by meager farming. Scrimshaw-carved knucklehead trout head bones are sold to merchants from the south. The largest town, Bryn Shander, is the center of trade.

Militia: Each of the Ten Towns can field a home guard of 100 to 500 men armed with dwarven weapons and light armor. The towns of Bremen and Caer-Konig are home to tundra barbarians.



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