The Sword Coast is the western shore of FaerŻn, a rough, brawling area dominated by Waterdeep. Itís treacherous, filled with undersea reefs, rock outcroppings, and soft undersea shelves reaching out for miles. True ports are few on the coast, which is the reason the best harbors capable of handling sea vessels, Waterdeep and Port Llast, grew into important cities. Other cities, like Luskan and Fireshear, are poor ports, but they service the northernmost towns where the demand for goods is small; these ports can only handle shallow ships. In addition to the dangerous nature of the Coast, a large number of hostile races reside here, including sahuagin, locathah, tritons, savage mermen, and barbaric sea elves. The Sword Coast is very similar to the nearby High Moors in that itís both a forbidding terrain and contains inhabitants dangerous to those who pass through it.


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