Once a dwarven city, this fortress is now home to 36,000 humans. Most of these humans descended from refugees of Ascalhorn (now Hellgate Keep). Sundabar is the northeasternmost defensible post of civilization in the North. Thus, it serves as a base for many bold explorers, adventurers, and prospectors operating in the perilous wilderlands around the Fork.

The Lords. Alliance and temples of Helm across the North sponsor the Sundabarian army of 2,000 wellarmed, veteran soldiers. This army seems to alternate between fighting orc hordes and fighting raiding parties from Hellgate Keep. Sundabar is also home to the famous Bloodaxe Mercenary Company. One member of this company has risen to become Master of Sundabar. Helm Dwarf- Friend8 rules the city wisely and well, keeping it in the Lords. Alliance. He also allocates the money taken in by the city to patrol the roads often, and to keep the city ready for war. This is no small issue. The city.s coffers are deep enough that they once hired the Flaming Fist mercenaries from Baldur .s Gate to slaughter an orc horde. .

The Master.s Take. is a flat 5% tax on the sale of all goods in the city. This tax is willingly paid by local merchants, who see it used directly for their benefit.

Sundabar has huge, guarded granary caverns below the city, and it also has deep wells. This prevents the town from being starved out by a siege.


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