The City of Skilled Hands.

Population: 17,000

Government: Lord Nasher (NG, ST 18/09, CHA 17 12th level fighter and former adventurer who gained much magic in his career)

Royal Badge: Three white falling snowflakes, surrounded by silver and blue haloes.

A city of skilled craftsmen noted for accurate water clocks, exotic lamps of multihued blown glass, and for its gardeners who fill the town with fruit-bearing trees and flowers. The town.s name comes from the practice of raising hot-house flowers throughout the winter (tales of winter-free woods and the ever-warm waters of the Neverwinter River which keeps the city.s harbor ice-free year-round may contributed to the truth.see chapter 7 for more on Neverwinter Woods). The folk here are noted for their efficiency, quiet manners and dedication to ensure that work gets 31 properly done.

Lord Nasher is an amiable, but fearless balding man who enjoys music and hearing tales of other lands and peoples. Nasher is guarded by the .Neverwinter Nine,. who carry nearly as much magical gear as he himself.

Economy: Crafts and horticulture.

Militia: 400 archers and spearmen who carry explosive missiles devised by city craftsmen and wizards. They patrol the city as police, and protect the High Road as far north as Port Llast and as far south as Leilon.


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