Population: 4,000

Government: Ruled for 45 years by the High Lord of Loudwater, Nanathlor Greysword (NG 11th level cavalier) who came to the North from Nimbral to found his own realm, but instead, rose to rule a place that needed him.

Nearly a quarter of the inhabitants of this lovely town near the midpoint of the River Shining are half-elven, descendants of the Eaerlann elves. A thousand years gone, the dwarf Iirkos Stoneshoulder built a spectacular arching stone bridge for the elves who once dwelt here. The elves are gone, but the bridge and the wide pool which serves as a river harbor still remain. Here, of old, traders of the Eaerlann elves began the portage around the Shining Falls before journeying north on the river again.

Loudwater is an idyllic place, where green, grassy banks line the river, and great green trees shadow its waters. The town.s wooden buildings are overgrown by hanging plants and ivy until they seem one with the forest.

Economy: Farming, fishing, caravan 30 services to and from Llorkh.

Militia: 300 warriors, divided into patrols of 20 each under the command of Harazos Thelbrim (LN 5th level fighter) and Kalahar Twohands (CG half-elven 6th level fighter).


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