Population: 2,000 humans, 300 dwarves

Government: Lord Geildarr (LE 7th level magic-user).

The folk in the isolated town of Llorkh still delve in the old, nearly worked-out mines that honeycomb the mountains to the north and east. Now, many citizens find more profit in assisting the Zhentarim caravans that come in from the east.The old lords of Llorkh, respected and retired former miners and fighters, never would have tolerated the Zhentarim in their midst. But the last of the old lords, Phintarn.Redblade,. was found dead at the base of Lord.s Keep. Overnight, a new Lord seized the Keep and the Throne. Since Geildarr the mage took power, the Zhentarim caravans have been arriving, bringing gold into the town, and the dwarves have been quietly leaving (there are whispers that many have been murdered as Phintarn was).

Geildarr keeps order in the town and his 400 purple-cloaked .Lord.s Men. keep the town safe against orc and Hellgate Keep incursions. Still, he is not loved or even liked by the townsfolk.

Economy: Mining, farming, caravan services.

Militia: 400 1st-4th level warriors in chainmail and shield loyal to Geildarr (and the Zhentarim).



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