This city is sometimes called the Overland City because itís the easternmost outpost of the Vale and carries caravan trade on the Dusk Road over the rapids and cataracts of the upper Chionthar, linking up with the Traderís Road that runs east to the Sea of Fallen Stars. Barges cannot get any farther upriver than the lower docks of Iriaebor.

Built atop a defensible ridge long ago, Iriaebor today is a cramped city of many tall, crumbling towers leaning on each other or standing close together, joined by bridges and bristling with balconies, so that most of the narrow, winding streets are left permanently in shadow. This has earned Iriaebor the name of City of a Thousand Spires. The stables, stockyards, caravan paddocks, warehouses, and the like sprawl across the farmland around the ridge. Aside from an open market where the Dusk Road enters the city, there are no open spaces left within the walls.


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