High Forest

Deep, dark, ancient and unfathomable, the vast High Forest dominates the eastern central marches of the North. From its southern edge near Secomber to its northern extent near Everlund and Turnstone Pass, it stretches nearly 500 miles. It is like and yet unlike other woods in the north, remaining virtually untouched by woodsmen.s axes.

Forest Folk


The .wood rulers. dwell near the city of Everlund in the part of the forest known as .The Woods of Turlang,. after the Treantís aeons-old ruler .Turlang the Thoughtful.. Each treant has a stretch of woodland which is carefully maintained in keeping with his or her personality, ranging from immaculately clean tree gardens, to dense, dark and eerie, seemingly haunted forest.

Half-Elven Renegades

The descendants of the folk of Eaerlann inhabit, or infest, much of that lost land.s former woodlands. These halfelven halfelven brigands are primarily moonelves, but numerous drow .breeds. are to be found, descendants of elf, drow and human unions long past. Noted among them is their leader, .princess Tianna Skyflower.


Druids serving Silvanus guard Tall Trees (the great tree remnants of the ancient elven land of Eaerlann) near the forest.s eastern edge and occasionally (and with great caution) explore the deeper forest. An adventuring band has a stronghold in the south, and an illusionist one in the north.


The primary home of these dancehappy forest folk is the wood around the Lost Peaks in the western forest. Great glades form dance floors large enough to host a thousand dancing korred. These diminutive, wild-haired, satyr-like creatures worship Tappan, their own god and Shiallia, a female woodland demigod allied with Mielikki.


This subterranean elven subrace does not dwell here, but it has long been suspected that the forest hides an entrance to Menzoberranzan, one of the dark elves. Deepearth cities.

Mongrel Men

These mixed breeds have been migrating in numbers to the central forest, apparently being called into the service of a charismatic man who calls himself .The One.


Numerous orc tribes dwell in the cool darkness of the southwestern forest. Their crude villages are located about two days. travel into the woods.


This winged race dwells only in the central Star Mounts, but occasionally is seen near the western fringe of the forest. They are reclusive, having little to do with other folk.

Wizard Weather

The High Forest and the surrounding countryside experience (or suffer from) occasional exotic weather patterns that can only be of magical origin (and are presumed to be caused by the Dire Wood). This weather appears suddenly, ends suddenly and is often destructive and deadly. Recorded types of wizard weather have included red snow (.it tasted like blood.), hot rain (.it boiled the flesh.), blizzards in summer, exotic (invisible, multi-colored, huge, explosive, glowing and black) hailstones, dense fog (with evil creatures lurking within), razor-sharp sleet (.it drew blood and scored metal.), black, acidic rain, and desert-like blazing heat.


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