The Forgotten Realms

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Starting in the Castle Ward of Waterdeep

You will start out in the Port section of the Castle Ward. The Castle Ward is divided into 6 sections not including the additional buildings you can enter. There is the SW, South, South Central, SE, NE, North Central, and NE sections. There are 100's of missions and quest that you can embark upon in the city of Waterdeep so stay as long as you like. Of course there is the massive world to explore outside of Waterdeep as well. The map below has the areas mapped out to help you navigate throughout the Realms.


Other places in the Realms

Immersea                                                                     Scornubel

Shiningsea                                                                    Shiningsouth

EastShaar                                                                    WestHeart

EndWastes                                                                   Evermeet

Large Forgotten Realms Map


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