Bargewright Inn

Population: 35

Government: Council of directors, chaired by innkeeper Feston Bargewright.

A member of the Lords. Alliance. Located at Ironford on the river Dessarin, Bargewright Inn is not truly a village, but more a collection of businesses that grew up to serve the needs of travelers and then later the farmers and ranchers who settled along the west bank of the Dessarin. Economy: Travel services, including an inn, a tavern, a dry-goods shop, the .House of Good Cheer,. a combined rent-a-temple and festhall, a ferry, a wagon repair shop and a pharmacist who specializes in sick pack animals.

People of Bargewright

Militia: Aldon Bargewright (brother of Feston), a 5th level ranger, leads five 1st level fighters and 20 0-level villagers. Except for Aldon.s sword +1, they are armed with pole arms.

Baerlatha Luruin (CG hf M9): Baerlatha.s the wife of the healer Chanczlatha Luruin. She spends her time concocting potions, mothering a large family of adopted children, and tending sick animals in Chanczlatha.s paddock. She.s a slim, soft-spoken woman with steel-gray eyes and ash-blond hair.

Chanczlatha Luruin (NG hm P11 [Lathander]) is a locally revered animal healer and physic (a doctor given to using herbs and medicinal broths) whose life is devoted to healing and caring for the sick. He is a quiet, stammering, unassuming man with gentle hands and a secret delight in bawdy songs and jokes. Chanczlatha is often called on to heal those fallen afoul of danger and been brought to him.
The faithful of Lathander are always healed for free, but Chanczlatha charges fees for all other spellcasting. This helps him cover the high costs of his medicines and of feeding the animals he keeps. He often keeps alive beasts that others would leave to die. Like his wife Baerlatha, Chanczlatha never leaves sight of Bargewright Inn. Ruldarr (CG hm F3) is the owner of Ruldarr.s Pipes, Locks, Tobacco, and Fine Furniture. He is a man of smooth manners and subtle jests, with a small, pointed beard and oiled mustache. Ruldarr is an avid gardener whose house and shop are full of hanging plants that grow in large, levitating pots.

Tabra (NG hf M22) is the proprietor of a rooming house and festhall. She was once an apprentice of Ioulaum, one of the few Netherese sorcerer-kings to live through the fall of Netheril. Ioulaum was ultimately slain in a spell battle with a cabal of a dozen alhoon (illithiliches), but by then he.d perfected his greatest spell: Ioulaum.s longevity.
Tabra cast the spell on herself and then destroyed all record of it. She had no wish for it to fall into the hands of evil mages, because its casting requires the death of one mage for each year of life the caster desires to attain. Tabra exterminated a colony of mind flayers over 2,000 strong who were about to sacrifice her to some dark god. So far, she has only used about half the time her magic bought her. She has no plans to recreate the spell to further prolong her own life, however. Tabra keeps her mastery of magic as secret as possible but always carries a full complement of spells. Notably, she bears the powerful Netherese spell dragonshape. She uses it when in great personal danger or to defend Bargewright Inn against

There are rumors that Tabra is really a gold dragon in human shape to guard a hoard hidden under her house. When one wonders why she.s never seen in dragon form, the usual answer is she.s hiding from a more powerful dragon who would sweep down and


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