This port city is both shelter and lifeline for the folk of the Coast. It is the only place to buy many luxury good and offers the discerning shopper the widest selection of goods anywhere in the Sword Coast region— though usually at prices higher than those in Waterdeep or coastal Amn. Baldur’s Gate is a tolerant but wellpoliced city of merchants, and quiet business as usual is the general order of each day. Baldur’s Gate, Berdusk, Neverwinter, and Silverymoon are probably the safest settlements in all western Faerun. In Baldur’s Gate, the watch wears distinctive black helms with a vertical red stripe on either side, if you have problems. Not only are the members of the watch vigilant, enthusiastic, wise, and observant, but the Flaming Fist Mercenary Company, over a thousand strong, is based in the city. Every tenth person or so is a member or a watch agent (well, spy) of the Fist, skilled in battle and within a breath or two of numerous armed allies.


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