This village lies on the Long Road, a good three days. ride north of Waterdeep. About 600 folk call Amphail home (850, if the population of outlying farms is included). Most are humans, but there are half-elves and a smattering of dwarves and halflings.

Amphail is named for one of Waterdeep's early warlords, Amphail the Just, who had estates here. Though all traces of his keep are long gone, it is said that Amphail still rides the area in spirit form, frightening away trolls and hostile barbarians. In all seasons except deep winter, the village is patrolled by Waterdeep from an outpost in Rassalantar. Amphail is ruled by a Lord Warder, currently a quiet-spoken, trimbearded man named Briiathor Alougarr, who's gray eyes miss little. The Lord Warder swears fealty to Piergeiron of Waterdeep. In return, the City of Splendors provides military strength, a Warder.s purse of 600 gp quarterly, and many orders for fresh mounts from local horse breeders, notably the Selember ranch.

Amphail is a quiet but beautiful place. By night or in a snowstorm, the traveler can mark it by the thick stands of dark duskwood and spruce trees that cluster along the road. This farming village is pleasant to the eyes of all. In hot summer weather, though, it is only pleasant to the noses of those who like horse manure. The folk of Amphail are famous for breeding and training horses. They have traditionally equipped the noble families and armies of Waterdeep and the armies of Neverwinter, as well as merchants and satraps of Amn and Calimshan.

Fine horses are plentiful here. However, those thinking to just ride off on some are warned that the Roaringhorn family maintains a patrol of 12 skilled knights2 to deal with horse thieves. This patrol is guided by the scrying of six youthful Roaringhorn sorceresses who dwell on the family farm. These young ladies often show up in the saddles of pegasi, wands at the ready, if the patrol runs into monsters or thieves using magic.

People of Amphail

Briiathor Alougarr (LN hm F3) is the Lord Warder of Amphail, a man who speaks quietly but whose level eyes see much. He.s a trim-bearded man who dislikes armor and ceremony, and he makes a practice of wandering Amphail on foot at all hours. Briiathor is a member of Waterdeep.s city guard, though officially he.s retired to take up the post of Lord Warder.

Dlara (LN hf M7) is the second-in-command of Mother Gothal.s festhall in Amphail. This eight-foot-tall, duskyskinned warrior from Chult enjoys watching and participating in tumbling and acrobatics, and she has a delightful sense of humor. She.s very popular among the young noblemen of Waterdeep for her willingness to wrestle, a sport she does on stage at the festhall. She can easily pick up and throw an average human male across a room.

Mother Gothal (NG hf T10) is the elderly proprietor of a festhall in Amphail. Once a beautiful dancer famous in Baldur .s Gate, she tried to retire to Waterdeep but ran afoul of a group of slavers. The events surrounding her defeat of the slavers are what prompted her to move to Amphail and open a festhall, surrounding herself with the energy and excitement of people on the move. She delights in hearing people.s dreams and schemes, and many folk come to the festhall just to talk with her. Her sage advice has set many a young Waterdhavian on the road to destiny.

Krivvin Shamblestar (NG hm F8) is the tavernmaster of the Stag-Horned Flagon. The stocky, soft-spoken man.and expert knife-thrower.has seen 67 winters and tends to be economical in his movements. Krivvin has an excellent memory for faces and the favored drinks that go with them. He has a far keener ear than most think he does; he knows most of the business of those who drink in his bar, whether they realize it or not. Because of this, he serves as a watchman for both the Harpers and the Lords of Waterdeep. Mirt the Moneylender is a regular visitor and old friend.

Phelansheene (CG hf M14): Phelansheene is a sorceress under a curse. She.s fully present in Faerūn only on nights when the moon is full. She.s tied to Amphail by a link to her spell books, which contain ancient and powerful Netherese spells. The curse was laid on Phelansheene by a Red Wizard of Thay whom she has since trapped in a crystal ball hidden in Amphail. Phelansheene is in love with Thorn Tlassalune, a rogue who owns the Stone Stallion.

Thorn Tlassalune (NE hm T9) is the keeper of the Stone Stallion. He.s a long-haired, engaging, would-be minstrel who plays the lute badly. He claims to be a former luthier.s apprentice from Amn, though he.s obviously from Tethyr. His wife, Khalarra, died recently in childbirth, leaving him with five daughters. Thorn grows restless and is willing to sponsor and fence for adventurers, dealing with contacts he developed in Waterdeep. Thorn isn.t quite ready to ride away from the inn into adventure, but that day is not too distant.


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