Information on Forgotten Realms

Official Forgotten Realms Site
If you want to know more about Forgotten Realms this is the official site.

Forgotten Realms Guidelines
Adobe Acrobat file with Forgotten Realms Guideline and some new skills and feats

History of Forgotten Realms
Here is a brief history of the Realms.

Waterdeep at a Glance
Want to know more about Waterdeep?

Dieties of the Realms
The gods play an important part in the Realms. You wouldn't want to piss the wrong god off would you?

Currency of the Realms
Here is a list of how the currency is figured.

Calendar of the Toril
How does the days and months work? Here is information regarding the months of the Realms.

Known Power Groups of Toril
There are the good guys and there are the bad guys, here is a list of the known power groups of the realms.

Major NPCs

Herb and Plant Lore
This is some information of the plants and herb throughout the realms.

Poison's in the Realms (Link to publishing)
Sometimes these things come in real handy at times.

Magical Weapons and Armor Pricing
Wondering how much a +1 Broadsword or +1 scale mail cost, here's your answer. Cost vary from city to city plus inflation.

Magical Potions, Rings, and Wands
Information on potions, wands, and ring prices.

Underdark Basics
Since the party has gone to the land down under I would like to give them a brief info on can and can't in the underdark.


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